Yoga for Happiness

This is a very testing time for us all at the moment. With the whole of the UK (and most of the world) on lockdown, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lonely and down in the dumps. It's important to stay positive and happy not only for yourself but others around you. Yoga is a great way to bring some happiness to your household. 

While some of us think that happiness is about pure elation and constant excitement, the yogis would tell us that happiness is the middle point of balance where we are centred, calm, and present. Because in the present moment, what is there to be worried about? So how can we use our practice to increase our mood and stay balanced and centred? Here are our favourite ways.


Our breath is our greatest tool to land us in the present moment. And once we arrive, a lot of the things that worry us or take up space in our mind become irrelevant. Sit still – in any comfortable seated or lying position – close your eyes, and simply breathe. Take 5 to ten slow, deep, and deliberate breaths and you’ll start to feel a lot calmer and more present.

Create Good Posture

Our body language has a lot to do with how we feel. There are countless studies and techniques that prove that body language and posture changes how we feel. An example used in a business is when you stand or sit more boldly and bravely you suddenly feel stronger when in groups or meetings. And the same goes for happiness. It’s impossible to be sad while laughing, swinging your arms around, or jumping up and down. But in a more subtle and chronic way, bad posture (read: hunching) can impact our mood and make us feel down in the dumps. Yoga heals the spine and supports good posture through forward bends, backbends, side bends, and twists. Do all of them and do them often.

Open Your Heart

When we have an unbalanced heart chakra, it’s harder for us to feel emotions of love, happiness, and joy. Our backbends help us to open the heart space, the chest, and again help with spine health. Anything from cat/cow, to baby cobra, all the way to camel and full wheel are perfect poses to target your heart and increase your happiness.

Play on the Mat

Yoga gives us an escape. A place to explore our bodies in a way that we might not feel comfortable in our everyday lives. Let your hair down as best you can and feel your way through the practice. Let your yoga mat be a place free of judgment, inhibitions, and fear.

Thank you!