How To Avoid Impulse Buys

Impulse buying is a huge problem, especially with online shopping. The constant advertising pressure makes it hard to avoid impulse buys but the consequences are negative for the environment and for our mental health.


Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself before you make that purchase!



1. Wait before buying

2. Can you wear it with other things you own?

3. Can you commit to at least 30+ wears?

4. Have you considered other stores/brands

5. Should you get rid of something before buying the item?

6. Does it fit your budget?

7. Are you buying because someone else has it and feel like you need to have it too? FOMO?

8. Are your emotions controlling your spending habits?

9. Are you shopping because you're bored or because you actually need something?

10. How did past impulse buys make you feel? Was it a short lived rush of happiness/regret? Are those feelings worth the purchase?

Thank you!