7 Tips For Sustainable Fashion On A Budget

Yes fast fashion is cheap but in the long run it's definitely not the smartest cost saving strategy. Poor quality cheap clothing tends to only last a couple of wears/washes meaning you are constantly replacing things- therefor spending more! 

Instead embrace what you already own! Understanding your style and what looks good on you is key to creating a sustainably filling wardrobe. 

1. SWAP!

Join Facebook groups or swap with your friends- it's free :) 

2. Borrow or rent clothing for special occasions

Ask your friends/relatives or check out clothing rental platforms such as HURR

3. Repair, Rewear, Restyle, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle!

Get creative- fashion is supposed to be fun after all 

4. Choose preloved

Check out your local charity shops/ resale apps. They are often cheaper and unique!

5. Have a look around your mum's wardrobe!

Or any other relative! It's free and you might find some hidden gems. Remember to ask first!

6. Consider quality, versatility and durability 

Invest in pieces that are well made and going to last

7. Buy less

Treasure what you own and think before buying

Thank you!