How to Make Online Shopping More Sustainable


With online shopping at an all time high here are some helpful hints and tips to ensure you are shopping sustainably online!

1. Choose standard instead of express shipping 
This emits les C02
2. Avoid returning clothes
84% of returns to big brands end up in landfills/incinerators
3. What could you do with it if it doesn't fit?
Maybe gift to someone else? Swap it with someone else? Resell it?
4. Look for size measurements
Pretty simple really! To make sure it fits always check size guides on websites or ask the company directly what they recommend! Every company and product is different, some garments come up a little big or a little small. Speaking to the company directly will ensure you get the perfect fit. 
5. Ask for combined shipping
This mainly applies for second hand shopping, but if you are buying multiple items from the same store owner ask for combined postage. This means a lower waiting time and lower emissions. 
6. Make sure it's a mindful purchase
As always think before you buy, do you really need it? Does it go with other items in your wardrobe?


Have we missed any? What do you do to ensure you are shopping online sustainably?

Thank you!