Mindfulsoul Movement Library

 This weekend (25h April) Olivia Brierly launches the Mindfulsoul Movement Library- A membership platform offering remedy and respite from lockdown and beyond.

The Mindfulsoul Movement Library is a dedicated online membership platform, specialising in Pilates and holistic practices that have been carefully curated to support users on and off the mat. The classes range from 10–60-minutes and include a variety of styles, lengths and specific focus areas such as; calming
meditations, signature style classes, power Pilates and energising flows.


Launching in reaction for the need of more intuitive movement as a form of self-care and to enhance health and wellbeing, the Mindfulsoul Movement Library is set to provide users with a space to enhance their health and wellbeing, a safe environment and diverse community for members to tap into at a time when
they really need it. The platform presents the opportunity to study mindfulness, learn a range of tools and techniques that will help to reduce anxiety, loneliness, stress from work and poor posture, to enhance not only physical but also mental health. Monthly membership gives users access to 100’s of videos to choose from, tailored to suit their workout preference, time and mood. Members will also receive big discounts from their favourite activewear and wellness brands- us included! 

Use Code: PERKYPEACH50 for 50% off your first month!

Thank you!