6 Must-Have Home Fitness Equipment

Looking to elevate your home workouts? Here are six must- have fitness accessories to add to your workouts! 
1. Skipping Rope
Dope Ropes do a great selection of skipping ropes with varying weights and they are extremely durable. Skipping is great for toning the whole body, it's portable and it's cheap! Plus it's great for exercising your brain- check out Dope Ropes website for tutorials and how to videos. Check out some amazing jump ropers on Instagram! - @jumpropesisters @aylsiajumprope @celina.jumps
2. Resistance Bands 
There are different types of Resistance Bands. The most common (and best) types are the flat, resistance bands which are also known as strength bands or exercise bands. 
Resistance Bands are pretty cheap to buy and have SO many benefits! 
Such as: 


- Build strength - each band exerts a particular amount of force on your muscles when stretched and can be used in both upper and lower body training. 

 Improve mobility - resistance bands are a great way to help you improve your flexibility, but you can also use them improve joint mobility. 

 Rehabilitation - bands have proved themselves essential for aiding recovery and are especially useful when it comes to working on hip, shoulder and knee injuries.  

 Weightlifting - resistance bands are also used in weight training. Wrapped around the ends of a weight bar, they make exercises more challenging so you can level up your one-rep max. Equally, they can be used with dumbbells for a similar reason. 

 Pull ups - resistance bands can also help you build up to doing pull ups. Loop them around the pull up bar and place your foot or knee inside the band to support your weight as you train. 


3. AB Slide Wheel

An ab slide is among those cheap home fitness machines that is proven to help with getting a flat stomach. In addition, it is more than just an abdominal training equipment as it helps to work your entire body efficiently. It is useful for both beginner and advanced trainers, and because of its small size it can be used anywhere.

While you roll it in and out, all core muscles are used. So, it trains the upper and lower abdomen, external and internal obliques and the transverse abdominis. Moreover, it works you lower back, shoulders, arms, chest, waist and even your legs as all these muscles must be used for the motion. That is why it is so powerful.


4. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat's are a must for your home fitness equipment! You can easily use a yoga mat for other workouts but its worth bearing in mind that yoga mats do tend to be thinner, longer and slightly more grippy than other fitness mats. 

There are four main factors to be aware of when buying a yoga mat:

  • What level of grip does the exercise mat provide?
  • How heavy is the yoga mat to manoeuvre around every day?
  • Are you diligent with the anti-bac after a workout? (If not, shop antimicrobial workout mats.)
  • Do you like smooth or textured surfaces on a yoga mat?



5. Kettlebell 

Kettlebells are versatile, affordable, and provide a full-body workout. One of the biggest reasons kettlebells are so effective is because of their structure, often feeling heavier than a traditional dumbbell due to their centre of gravity. This is why kettlebells are effective in improving strength and balance. In addition, kettlebells can be an alternative to running since they activate muscles that are responsible for respiratory activity. 

Benefits of kettlebells:

  •  Kettlebells give you a stronger grip and more powerful forearms
  • Kettlebells don't require a large training space
  • Kettlebells reduce your overall workout time
  • Kettlebells provide a workout anywhere, anytime
  • Kettlebells help you get cardio

We love Kettleboobs- fun and affordable! 


6. Dumbbells

Strength training is essential for strong muscles and bones. It also helps maintain a healthy body weight along with cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet. Building and maintaining strength helps improve daily functioning, making the tasks you perform easier with fewer chances of injury. 



What's your must have gym equipment? 
Thank you!