4 easy tips for fitting self-care into your schedule

Do you spend enough time taking care of yourself?

 Self-care should be a daily practice, not something you forget about until you’re laid up on the couch feeling miserable. It doesn’t have to take much time, either.

 A simple check-in at different points throughout your day is enough to provide big payoff for minimal effort.




Get moving!

 Exercise releases endorphins, which interact with receptors in your brain to boost your mood. This effect has been known to reduce stress, prevent depression, and help you sleep.

 Almost any type of movement will do–a brisk walk has the same mood-boosting effect as a strenuous workout.

Exercise has obvious physical benefits as well, which make it a great part of your self-care regime.



Social media seems to have taken over our lives. Spend some time purposefully avoiding it to create more mindfulness in your day.

 Read, listen to music, play a board game. The options are endless! Do something to interact with the people you’re with and your physical surroundings.

 Taking a mental break from social media allows you to live in the present moment. And living mindfully brings you back to adding awareness to your daily routine.


Savour Something

When you savour something, you pay conscious attention to feelings of pleasure. By focusing your awareness in this way, you’re able to extend the good feelings you get from the action.

 You can savour chocolate or another treat, but you can just as easily savor something that’s a routine part of your day.

Try savouring your morning cup of coffee or a hug from your significant other. Focus on the action of enjoyment and appreciate it in the moment.


Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine are great for you. Being outside can increase your concentration, boost creativity, and help you feel more alert.

Time spent outside has a positive effect on your mood, too. Have you heard of seasonal affective disorder?  Do you know how it’s treated? The most common treatment is phototherapy–bright light that mimics natural outdoor light.


There are an endless number of ways to practice self-care in your daily life. You have to find what fits into your routine and satisfies your needs.

The best self-care regimen is the one you will stick to

Thank you!