Strong + Happy with @sandraostapovapilates

Are you a Pilates and strength lover? Perhaps short on time to make it to your local in person classes? 
You may recognise our lovely friend Sandra Ostapova from our live classes. Sandra is a qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor based in Leicester. We are excited to tell you that Sandra has created a new wellness platform!   STRONG + HAPPY. To help and empower you to live your happiest and healthiest life.


The membership is divided into two parts - BODY and MIND

BODY is all about physical practices, you will find pre-recorded Pilates classes, weight and kettlebell training, conditioning, and strengthening workouts.
+ access to online live classes every Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 7pm

MIND will teach you how your body works, fitness, nutrition, female health, and exercise. All information shared on the MIND section is from evidence-based fitness theory, biology + anatomy text books.


If like us you are short on time and like to take your workout classes at a time that suits your schedule check out STRONG + HAPPY

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Thank you!