Simple Tips to Combat Bad Eating Habits

Simple Tips to Combat Bad Eating Habits Everyone has a habit when it comes to food; it’s what makes us who we are. Unfortunately some of these habits aren’t beneficial to our health. Never fear! Habits can be changed, like everything in life it takes time, commitment and a desire to change.


How to recognise a bad eating habit

First step to stopping a bad habit is recognising your what and why. What are you reaching for and why are you reaching for it? Nutrition is more than the food you’re putting in your body, it is also about how we emotionally connect with the food.

Tips to combat the habit;

               1. Address the emotion

If you’re an emotional eater, you need to address the emotion and not try to bury it with food. Talking it through up with family, friends or seeking out a professional can help. 


2. Practice the 20minute rule

When you first think about reaching for something cheap and easy, stop. Wait 20minutes. Focus on something else in that time. 9 times out of 10, you’ll forget that craving even came up.

3. Have healthy snacks on hand

Many bad habits relate to being unprepared. You don’t have snacks on hand, you haven’t prepared your lunch and you need to buy something from the shops. The best way to combat this, be prepared. Portion out your own trail mix, boil some eggs, cut up your celery and carrot sticks, portion out some hummus.

4. Go outside

 The sun on your skin, the fresh air, away from whatever activity you were doing for 5 mins is enough to break the bad habit cycle.

5. Drink water

Seems so obvious, but you’re probably thirsty not hungry. When you’re drinking water you’re swapping a bad habit, for a great habit. Each time you start to reach for something, have a sip of water. If all else fails, you’ll be in the bathroom peeing so much you wont have time to eat anyway.

6. Practice will power

This the hardest but most rewarding tip. You need to build up your will power. We all find it hard to say no. To friends, work commitments, kids, and food. Say no. Stick to your decision and be proud of yourself. Complimenting yourself is so powerful.

Bad eating habits can be broken, you are stronger than you think. But if for some reason you do slip up, that is OK, forgive yourself and move on. One kink the chain doesn’t break the chain.

Thank you!