How to avoid sweet treats in the office

If your office is like most, there’s probably a sweet bowl in the reception area or biscuit tin in the kitchen. While some companies provide employees with nutritious nibbles, it’s not uncommon to find kitchenettes stocked with less-than-healthy snack choices. Here are some great tips to outsmart your sweet tooth.


Eat Breakfast 

Those who skip breakfast are more likely to experience low blood sugar levels before lunch, meaning they are more likely to reach for the sweet stuff! Start your day with some overnight oats or porridge topped with your favorite fruit or nuts to keep you fuller for longer and beat those sugar cravings.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water not only prevents you from overeating it can help you stay clear of sugary beverages or copious amounts of coffee. When you're not thirsty you are less likely to reach for a sugary drink or snack.


Bring your own snacks

Healthy, sweet options can be just as transportable as the sugary, processed stuff. Instead of packets of sweets and biscuits, keep some easy-to-peel tangerines, bananas and nuts in your draw or office kitchen.


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