Hot Lemon Water- The Benefits


This is possibly a detox/health concept that you have heard many times before. Whether it be from Samantha drinking it in "Sex and the City" or from reading about it in magazines/health blogs. Hot lemon water has never been and will never be just a fad, because this is the kind of thing you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. 


Hot Lemon Water has so many benefits:

-Flushes and helps your digestive system 

- Hydrates your body

- Boosts your immune system (thanks to the vitamin C in lemons) 

- Can help clear your body of toxins 

- Does wonders for your skin, both with general clarity but also with wrinkles and acne 

- Can be beneficial in preventing or aiding in fighting off colds or the flu


Hot lemon water can also help keep PH levels balanced, help maintain eye health and prevent eye problems. Another note, hot lemon water can be a great thing to start drinking if you are trying to cut back or full-on quit coffee/caffeinated drinks.


Best taken in the morning before you start your day and have your breakfast so it can really benefit your body, it's also a great opportunity to practise a little mindfulness and calm before you start your work from home routine!


Always opt for organic lemons- stay clear of unnecessary toxins! 

Thank you!