Four Reasons Why You Should Keep It Local

We've all heard it before, “shop local.” But what does shopping locally actually mean and what are the benefits? We've done our research and comprised four reasons below why you should ditch the supermarkets and retail chains and keep it local!


It Strengthens Your Local Economy

Local businesses are independently owned by people who live in your town, so when you spend money in their stores and cafes, you’re supporting your neighbours and strengthening your community. When you shop local, the bulk of the money you spend will stay local. Every pound spent generates twice as much income for the local economy. When you shop local, your money is going towards local supplies, wages, services etc

Creates Jobs & Opportunities

Plain and simple, local businesses create local jobs, and often, these jobs pay better than those at chain stores. Not only do they create jobs within their own business, but these local businesses are the customers of other local businesses – printers, farmers, wholesalers – and in return are creating more opportunities for other local entrepreneurs.

Builds Community

Shopping local is a great way to build community. The more you shop local the more local business owners will come to know you, and you them. The casual encounters you enjoy at neighbourhood businesses build community morale and local shopping can create a more convenient retail experience. Plus, local business owners do what they do because they are passionate about it! They are well informed about their products and know what they are selling. They will typically take more time to get to know you and go the extra mile to help and ensure you leave a satisfied customer.

Creates a Healthier Environment

Local businesses typically tend to consume less land. They also carry more locally made products. This allows them to conserve energy and other resources, such as food or product packaging. And since they are local, they create less traffic, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

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