Fast Fashion


We all love a good bargain. That new t-shirt you got for a steal may not have cost you much, but someone paid the price. Years ago we used to go shopping a couple of times a year to treat ourselves to a new dress or a new pair of jeans when our old favourites were on their last legs. Now, the reality is clothes are cheaper, trends are shorter and shopping is a national pastime.

Fast fashion is the new norm. With a host of global chains selling cheap threads, you can dress in the latest and greatest trends and keep up with the catwalk all from your fingertips.


Here's a few sustainable tips to help reduce the harmful effects of our shopping habits.


Less is more

Many of us shop for things and realise it's the anticipation rather than the purchase that gives us satisfaction, people experience "spikes of pleasure" when they are shopping, but are often uninterested in their purchases once they have them.

Second Hand New

Often some of the best buys are ones which are from clothes swaps with friends or your local charity shop. Many items of clothing listed on eBay or Depop are completely unworn. Second hand is always the best option to look at first because it's extending the life of things that already exist, and you won't be wearing the same outfit as the girl at the bar!

Choose Natural 

These cheap items of clothing cause extreme harm to our environment, a typical pair of blue jeans consumes 919 gallons of water during its life-cycle! Look for companies making garments from recycled fibres (like us!) or linen and organic cotton that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard. 

Care for your clothes

Many people throw their clothes away simply because they don't know how to wash them properly. Most people wash their clothes too hot - washing them colder reduces energy consumption as well as prolonging the items life. Always read the labels carefully to ensure you are getting the most from your clothing. 



Trends nowadays last for just a few days rather than a season, Kim Kardashian only needs to wear something new and big brands such as Pretty Little Thing or Boohoo will have a replica on their site the next day. The reality is this trend will be over before you know it, so not only are you taking up space in your wardrobe you're wasting money. Plus have you ever wondered how these things get made so quickly? Or is the reality you just don't care? What do you think happens to your clothing when you throw it away? These are all questions we need to be asking ourselves.

Thank you!