6 Books to Help You Live Plastic Free

Ever since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series aired in 2017, as a nation we’ve sat up and listened. How could we not after seeing the shocking images of an albatross feeding its young bits of plastic which they’d mistaken for food – and yet this was just a snapshot of what is happening around the world today.

It’s been widely reported that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by weight – so there really has never been a more urgent time to act. Although plastic has many benefits to our life which can be highly valuable and there are many scenarios when it is being used well, what we’re referring to is the misuse of single-use plastics, those unnecessary items made with plastic we use once and throw away such as straws, bags toothbrushes etc. 

Now this does seem quite overwhelming but these titles aim to help us understand the problem with useful tips for us to apply to our daily lives.


Turning the Tide on Plastic, Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle provides plenty of real life examples of encounters with unnecessary plastic in her life, and how to overcome it. With plenty of product swaps, helpful links and detailed information on different types of plastics and how they can (and cannot) be recycled, this is a very useful resource.


A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time, Will McCallum

As head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, Will McCallum has been at the forefront of the anti-plastic battle for many years, regularly meeting with government and big companies to make positive changes. This book provides helpful tips for how to give up plastics in all areas of our lives – from the bathroom, to the kitchen and everywhere in between. 


Zero Wate Home, Bea Johnson

While some of the advice is pretty out there – making your own makeup and using moss in place of toilet paper anyone for example, more realistic tips include packing your kids lunches without using plastic, buying in bulk and cancelling junk mail. Sometimes the US references felt like they didn’t quite apply to a UK reader, but on the whole it showed just how much can be done in the fight against plastics.

F**K Plastic

No one can claim to have all the answers when it comes to tackling the plastic problem, so this book has put the question to various authors, coming up with 101 ways you can do your bit. Even if you think you’re pretty clued up about plastic, this book provides new ideas to try out.


No.More.Plastic, Martin Dorey

Want to do your bit for the planet without completely overhauling your life? Martin Dorey, a writer, surfer and self-professed beach lover, has packed this pocket-sized book with two minute solutions that really make a difference when you add them up. 


Save the World: There is No Planet B, Louise Bradford

From water conservation to shopping more ethically, there are practical bullet point suggestions for ultimately living a more minimal life, and limiting your impact on the world as a result. In it she argues that we can’t wait for big corporations to clean up their acts. Instead, we all have a duty to do our bit to save the planet.

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