6 Tips to make your clothes last longer

We all love shopping online or in-store, adding new fits and styles to our wardrobes and hearing “I love your X, where did you get it from?” But isn’t it so annoying when those ‘favourite items’ lose their shape, colour or the fabric starts to ware! Here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your clothes! 

1. Wash your clothes inside out!

Prevention is better than cure on this one (and often a lot cheaper!). Does faded black leggings sound familiar to you? I thought so. The dye needed for your darker toned clothes is more prone to disappearing after every wash so let’s keep that black as black as possible! 

2. Use that sewing kit

A loose button or a tragic rip isn’t always a pass to buy a new outfit. However, having a mini sewing kit on standby is always a good shout! Reworking different styles and accessories into your fabrics adds that stamp of personalisation to it, making it YOUR unique style.


3. You don’t need to wash after every wear

Research shows that between 39 to 53 litres of water is used per load of washing. Think about it, who needs to dedicate that much water to a top worn for 4 hours on a dinner date? Frequent washing hastens the fabric decay, drains the colour vibrancy and wastes way more water than necessary. 

4. Choose wooden hangers 

Wooden hangers are more durable than plastic and wire hangers which have a large tendency to stretch and deform heavily weighted garments. As much as we like to keep ourselves in shape, let’s keep our clothes in shape too!

5. Quality not quantity

Investing in your clothes is much better for the environment and your bank account (in the long term!) We only ever work with recycled fabrics or organic fabrics so  no need to worry about cheap materials over here!  With proper care our products should last the test of time. 

6. Rotate your wardrobe 

Fashion trends fluctuate all the time and as avid consumers trying to keep up, we have this incessant need to show off our newest purchases until a new trend settles and then we move onto the next. Try wearing something different every day of the week. Every item in your wardrobe deserves its own moment; remember that’s your money hidden under a pile of newbies

Thank you!