FREE IG Live Barre Blast Class With Tara Riley-Tuesday 8th December 6pm

Pilates and Tara’s Barre class is high energy and high fun—fusing Pilates, Dance, Yoga and cardio intervals.  It’s low impact so gentler on your joints but don’t be fooled, this short but sweet Barre Blast will get your blood pumping and your mood lifted in just 30 minutes. Grab a sturdy chair or surface to hang onto and a mat for the core section and join Tara at 6pm on Tuesday 8th December!


Tara is a balanced body certified Pilates instructor, fusion PilatesTM for pregnancy and postnatal certified instructor and a BootyBarre Plus and BootyBarre Flex & Flow certified instructor. 
Tara’s feisty American no guts no glory approach will push you to find your limits and then help you 
smash through them! 

To find out more about Tara’s classes please click here.

Thank you!