Yoga Mishaps- they happen to the best of us!

From awkward wardrobe malfunctions to natural bodily functions, not every yoga session is insta-perfect!

Yoga may be about self-love and acceptance, but that doesn’t stop us from becoming a little red faced from time to time. But don’t fret we’re only human and these cringe worthy yoga blips are pretty common in classes all over the world!

Wardrobe Malfunction’s!

Whether it’s a boob that goes astray or wobbly bits coming loose, choosing your yoga clothes carefully is advisable! But these things do happen, just carry on regardless like a pro!

Accidental Bottom Burp

Passing wind during yoga is extremely common! You’re constantly bending and twisting your body in all kinds of positions, stimulating organs and your digestive system so its no wonder! Whilst it is perfectly natural perhaps skip on the beans and soup for lunch!

Balance Blunders  

Have you ever thought that the reason for balancing poses is to actively try and make you fall flat on your face?! Let’s face it even the most graceful among us have had their tree pose hijacked!

Snoring Sessions

Relaxing music on, comfortable mat, relaxed muscles, relaxed mind…the last part of a class is quite frankly a perfect naptime! If you’re lucky you will be gently awoken by the sound of the teacher’s voice. If you’re unlucky it’s the sound of you chocking on your own snores which brings you back in the room.

Thank you!