The 6 Best Hikes Around The World

Hikes are way more than physical exercise. They are a right of passage. A way to retrace history and follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you. The trails we cover are forms of expression that are meant to inspire and leave us in awe. That’s what all of these hikes below will do, while leaving you with memories that will last forever. Here are 6 hikes that you need to do in your lifetime:


Stawamus Chief, Canada

Located an hour and a half from Vancouver in Squamish, “The Chief”, as locals call it, is a challenging hike, but rewards you with sweeping views of Garibaldi Provincial Park below you. The Second Peak is the most popular of the three peaks. Be ready to use ropes and ladders to help you in your ascent.


Cat Cat Village, Sapa Vietnam

At the border with Vietnam and China, Sapa is world famous for its rice fields and one of the most stunning hikes in the region goes through Cat Cat Village. Only 30 minutes from Sapa city center, this hike will lead visitors through rice fields, waterfalls, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of water buffalo grazing. The area is centuries old and is a must for any adventurer.

Big Bend National Park, USA

The United States has an abundance of natural beauty and hikes. Many immediately think of Yosemite, Yellowstone, or The Grand Canyon when they think of national parks in the US. One of the most overlooked and beautiful national parks is Big Bend. Situated on the border of Texas and Mexico, Big Bend offers 800,000 acres of desert, mountains, and rivers. It has been described as otherworldly and simply breathtaking. It is one of the most bio-diverse locations in the country. No trip to Big Bend would be complete without hiking the Lost Mine Trail. The 4.8 round-trip mile hike is beautiful, but best of all, it is isolated. A hiker’s dream.

Fiordland, New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, full of mountains and other natural wonders. However, Fiordland is known to be one of the most dramatic landscapes in the country. Carved by glaciers over 100,000 years ago, the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Milford Sound is thought of as the 8th Wonder Of The World. The area has three main hiking trails, Milford, Kepler, and Routeburn Tracks. Each track leads you to the tallest waterfall in New Zealand, Sutherland Falls. Fiordland is a hiker’s paradise and is surely not to be missed!


Painters Way, Germany 

Named after the numerous amounts of painters that would come to the area and search for inspiration for their work, Painters Way is now part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Trail. The hike, near the city of Dresden, is a natural wonder of Central Europe. The most famous part of the hike is Bastei Bridge for its incredible views. Be ready for a serious hike, though. The trail is 14 kilometers (8.6 miles) and takes you by waterfalls and caves. The best time to do the hike is in fall. The foliage becomes just as dramatic as the backdrop!

Great Ocean Walk, Australia

The iconic coastline walk in Southern Australia covers 104 kilometers through Great Otway National Park. While the hike is fairly easy, you’ll encounter many different habitats, wildlife, and historical sites along the way. You can do hour, day, or for serious hikers multi-day hikes that take you from one end to the other. The whole trail takes about 8 days to complete. The best time to go is in summer, December to February, when you can take refreshing swims in the ocean.

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