• Aerial Pilates

    Aerial Pilates

    Aerial Pilates- What is it and why you need to give it a go!
  • Benefits of Jumprope

    Benefits of Jumprope

    Jumping rope is one of the most underrated types of exercise — and it may even be more effective than other forms of cardio. 
  • 20 Songs to Workout to

    20 Songs to Workout to

    Sick of hearing the same workout songs play on repeat on the radio and pop up on every single trending Spotify playlist? We hear you. That’s why we’re fond of workout songs that transport us to another time, such as these throwbacks!
  • Increase Your Running Distance

    Increase Your Running Distance

    Whether you want to work up to 5km or 100k, increasing your running distance isn’t just about adding kilometres. Set a Goal A marathon? Fitness? Knowing your goals will help you plan, train consistently and keep you motivated when your tired, over it, or facing yet another cold, rainy run! When you increase your long run distance SLOW DOWN. This will help your longevity....
  • Plogging- A Running Trend to Try

    Plogging- A Running Trend to Try

    Plogging  is the act of picking up litter while running—the name combines the Swedish term “plokka upp,” which means “to pick up,” and “jogging.” The goal of the exercise: To pick up rubbish along your route and help offset the amount of plastic winding up in oceans
  • 7 Sports All Beginners Should Try at Least Once

    7 Sports All Beginners Should Try at Least Once

    Some people are good at sport and some not so much! But if you aren't that sporty it doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a go! Trying a new sport is not only good for the mental and physical health it's a great way to meet new people. Here are 7 sports to try for ALL abilities.
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