7 Sports All Beginners Should Try at Least Once

Some people are good at sport and some not so much! But if you aren't that sporty it doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a go! Trying a new sport is not only good for the mental and physical health it's a great way to meet new people. Here are 7 sports to try for ALL abilities. 



1. Hiking

Anyone can try this without having any skills. Just wander in mountains, country lanes or narrow paths. It's a great way to explore new ares and places local to you. Hiking not only gives you peace but also teaches you how to conquer any problems that may come your way


2. Pilates

With a focus on alignment, a Pilates class gives you a chance to take stock of where your body is at right now. Because this workout is relatively slow moving, it will give you a chance to feel out any potential lingering injuries as well as give the instructor the opportunity to become aware of any issues they can see



As a beginner, you may find golf challenging and complicated, but if you learn the basics and focus on consistency, you will get better as you progress. A few basics that you need to know are how to hit the ball, the best way to grip, and when to use irons. It will help if you watch a few experienced players to learn the fundamentals before jumping in head first.


4. Boxing

For a good and wholesome workout, learning how to box and doing so regularly could be a great choice of sport. Boxing has a wide range of health benefits including enhancing your cardiovascular health as well as improving your total-body strength.


5. Tennis

Tennis is another ideal way to work your whole body out, and is relatively easy to learn. Most towns and cities have their own tennis club so it's also a great way to meet new people in your local area. 


6. Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit with minimum impact on your body and can be enjoyed by any age group. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. If you are a complete beginner to swimming always make sure you are in an area with a lifeguard on duty. 



7. Skiing

Skiing is a sport enjoyed by many, it's a great way to improve your balance and over all fitness. Plus who doesn't love hitting the apres ski with friends after a fun day on the slopes!





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