Surround Yourself With Good People

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” Jim Rohn.

Taylor Swift has the right idea. Surrounding yourself with incredible people is one of the best ways to lift yourself up. Whether it’s working or playing, those around you have a huge impact on your energy, your emotions, your productivity, and your successes. So if we are the average of the five people we spend most time with, we want to make sure amazing people surround us.

Who you spend time with? Do they bring you closer to who you want to be?

Sometimes we spend time with people who suck the energy from us. They are negative or simply use all your time together to talk about themselves. While most of us want to be the nice guy and play along, you’re giving away your energy and your time to someone who isn’t supporting you or helping you be the best version of yourself. Choose your friends wisely and spend more time with those who lift you up.

Seek out those who inspire you 

We are creatures of habit. We spend time with people we’re used to spending time with. But sometimes we need to go out and find new connections and new friends. If there is an area of your life that you need support in, go find a mentor or a colleague who you can speak to, learn from, and get inspiration from. Build a relationship with them and allow their experience, knowledge, and energy to rub off on you. And of course share your wisdom with them too. We all have something to give.

Work on your relationships  

To have positive and supportive friends, you need to be one in return. No one wants a friend who is only in a relationship for what they get out of it. Spend time and energy building connections, building circles of close friends, and also building your professional and social network. Taylor Swift didn’t get a squad like that overnight. The girl worked at it. And look where it got her.

Thank you!