Refill- The New App to Download


A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. That's quite a frightening figure right? 

With The Refill app you can easily find over 20,000 refill stations nationwide. Simply tap the app, find your local refill station and get drinking fresh water!

You can even track your personal impact. See how many bottles you have saved by refilling your own reusable bottle. Track the amount of carbon you have saved, helping to reduce the carbon emissions from plastic pollution and every time you refill 13p is donated to help fund planet protecting campaigns. 

If just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we'd have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation!

So it's time to save money, stay hydrated and prevent plastic pollution.

Click here to download the app. 

Get your own reusable water bottle here.

Thank you!