Microfibres and Our New Eco-Friendly Wash Bags

Microfibres are fibres (plastic or natural) that shed from textiles as we wash them, and one of the biggest sources of microfibre pollution comes from our laundry. Every time we wash our garments (and any other pieces made of textile) their fibres make their way into nature - the waterways, the oceans and subsequently the marine life (fish have been found with micro fibres inside their bodies - which ultimately end up in ours).


Although every garment sheds fibres (some more, some less), synthetic microfibres are particularly worrying because they have the potential to poison our food chain and given 60% of clothes are man-made, something must be done about it.

Enter the New Perky Peach wash Bag 

Our new Perky Peach Eco-friendly Wash Bag is a laundry bag that has been designed with the purpose of capturing the micro fibres that shed from clothing during washing.

What’s the Difference? 

The primary use of a laundry bag is to protect delicate textiles through the washing process - putting your clothes inside a laundry bag prevents them from getting damaged inside your washing machine. These bags have been around for a while and come in different designs, mesh and knitting. Although they do protect your clothing, the space between treads is actually too big, allowing the fibres to go through it.

Our new Perky Peach Wash Bag is made of a very fine nylon mesh which is small enough to keep fibres that shed from your garments inside whilst still allowing for the clothes to be washed.


What Kind of textiles should you put in your wash bag?

Every textile sheds fabrics, but we recommend you give preference to synthetic clothing as they are the potentially harmful ones. Because your clothing is protected by the bag, fibre breakage will naturally be reduced, allowing you to keep your clothes in pristine condition for much longer.

 Do I need to remove Microfibres after every wash?

No, you won’t. Depending on the garment you are washing it may take a few washes until you see anything inside your bag - clothing like knitted jumpers may be more apparent but if you are, for example, washing activewear, this takes much, much longer to appear in your bag.


What should I do with the Microfibres?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect answer here. There isn’t anyone currently dealing with “micro waste” in small quantities. From our research and understanding of how the government deals with household waste, we recommend you do not put microfibres in the recycling bin but instead in your normal house hold rubbish bin.


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