How to talk to friends and family about living more sustainably

Living sustainably is something most of us are striving for. For older generations, it can be a little harder for them to get their head around or just isn't on their radar.

Remember, it's hard to get people to change their habits, but it's essential to educate and NOT suffocate. It's not about forcing everyone to go waste-free or vegan. It's about helping them to make more informed choices and maybe rethink their ways that will ultimately lead to the greater good.


Your enthusiasm and passion do show!

Enthusiasm is contagious. If people around you see how passionate you are about fighting climate change, they will want to help/join you.

Be patient and realistic

It is difficult, especially for older generations, to change their habits, but even small efforts matter, and no one is perfect! So, manage your expectations and support every bit of progress.

Be an example

Take the initiative, cook a delicious veggie/plant-based dinner for them, plant some seeds in the garden together, switch to reusables, show them how you reduce waste. 

Show them connections

Try making connections between climate change and the things they care about, whether they happen to be local pollution, ocean health, fashion, animal rights etc. 

Influence Don't Force

Educate, don't suffocate. Being too aggressive or too preachy doesn't work. Share what you learn and introduce them to active ways they can get involved. It might take time but be persistent and continue to be an example. 

Watch a documentary together

Watching a documentary together is a very effective way to present information in a digestible and engaging way. 

Thank you!