How to Look After Your Skin in Winter

Our skin is the largest organ we have and it need's some love!
Winter can mean a lot of layers, a lot of comfort food and drinks, and a lot of skipping yoga because of the damn rain. While we’re all about the sloth life every now and then, one organ that can be forgotten during winter is our skin. We have so much of it and it’s so important for our health that we keep it happy and healthy. But during winter, we understand it can slip your mind. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember to help you get one more step to healthy glowing skin.
In winter we tend to reach for warm or hot drinks instead of water. Because we feel the thirst a little less and we’re cold so we want to warm up. We need to make sure we stay hydrated during the colder months. If cold water isn’t your jam when it’s 2 degrees outside, try warm water and some lemon. This will help your digestive system stay on track, while keeping you warm and hydrated at the same time. You can also increase your high-water-content foods to eat your way to hydration.
Keep the air moist
Heaters start to work in over drive, as the weather outside turns nasty. Because of this we sit in very dry air all day everyday. This can start to take its toll on your skin and really dry it out. It can be very helpful to put a humidifier in your house, or just your room, to put some moisture back in the air. This helps your skin stay hydrated.
Did you know that moisturiser keeps the skins natural oils from escaping? That’s how it keeps the skin moist for longer. Hands, feet, elbows and knees need even more attention than other areas of the body as the skin is thinner and loses moisture faster. Apply before bed each night.
Use Sunscreen!
The sun is gone, so our skin is safe from UV, right? Wrong. Overcast days are the trickiest because we don’t avoid the sun at all but are still being exposed to a lot of UV. Grab a moisturiser with sunscreen in it to help your skin stay hydrated and protected
Dead skin cells do not help moisture get in to your skin. It’s really important to keep up your exfoliation routine throughout winter to keep your skin healthy and keep dead skin cells from drying out your skin.
Thank you!