How To Keep Your Hands Healthy

Diligently washing your hands may keep the germs at bay, but over time you can start to feel and see the damaging effects of hot water and harsh soaps. Here are a few tips to keep your hands feeling soft and healthy.

Wash with warm water and blot dry:

Hot water can strip away the natural oils in the skin, leaving your hands dry and sore. Rather than hot water, try using plenty of soap and lukewarm water instead. To protect the hands further gently blot dry with a soft towel.

Wear gloves:

Wear gloves when working with your hands to protect them from harsh chemicals, dirt, detergents and anything else that could scratch, puncture and dry out your skin.

Consider your diet:

Consider what you are putting into your body. Drink plenty of water, try to eat a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins. And get a regular dose of vitamin D to help boost the skins natural healing ability.

Self Care Pamper

Chances are if given the opportunity a facial is the main pampering focus. However, our hands can have a tough time of it, so why not extend your #sundayselfcare to include a ‘handy’ spa treatment. Try using a gently scrub to remove dead skin cells. While hands are damp use a wet washcloth to push cuticles gently back so they frame the nails. Also, rather than clipping away the whole nail use a emery board to gentle file the nail into a rounded shape. To finish use a natural, eco-friendly nail polish for some added glam!


Everyone needs a good quality hand cream to counteract excessive washing and harsh hand sanitisers. Knowing when to moisturise is also key, for best results apply several times a day, preferably after washing your hands – leave a tube or bottle by the sink, in the bathroom and kitchen, and by your bed.

Thank you!