Healthy Winter Eats


Winter is a time when we want to eat all the food. But we have to make sure we’re eating the right foods, getting enough nutrients to fight off all those colds and flus. When you start with vegetables and wholegrains and work up from there you can’t go wrong. Here are the types of foods we’re whipping up as we light the fire.



Soups are always a good option. They’re easy to make, easy to freeze and reheat, and you can pack them filled with vegetables, herbs, and spices. They're a great way of adding more veggies into your diet and for using up any leftovers in the fridge!

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is literally packed with vitamins. The bright orange colour is testament to that. When you bake a sweet potato you can’t go wrong. You can top it with literally anything. Lentils, vegetables, cheeses and toppings, nuts and seeds. Or anything else your heart desires.


Porridge has made a serious come back lately. Often with a fancy make over. But don’t forget how delicious simple porridge it. Oats, coconut milk, cinnamon, and maple syrup – super healthy and really tasty. We also love adding some cooked bananas and blueberries!


Pasta is one of those things we’ll always want. But sometimes you want to move away from heavy wheat options, vegetable pasta gives us that pasta feel without the heaviness of gluten or refined substitutes. Using a spiralizer, spiral sweet squash, courgette, and anything else you’ve got. Sautee until just cooked through and serve with your pasta sauce of choice.


Curries are a winter staple. If you can be bothered, find a recipe to make your own pastes or powders to keep from using refined ingredients. Then pack it filled with vegetables and protein. Serve it on brown rice for a good fibre and carb hit for a really balanced and nutritious meal.

Thank you!