Have you tried Pilates? Maybe it's time you should!

Models wear leopard leggings and floral leggings 

Pilates is the exercise of choice for many celebrities, models and fitness trainers out there..but why is it so good for you?

Connect your mind & body 

Pilates requires focused and controlled movement, making it perfect for switching off and tuning in with whats really going on with your body and mind. Many of the exercises target smaller, harder to reach muscles so it's important to establish a mind to muscle connection and draw attention to your breath. With so much to concentrate on it's easy to remove stressful thoughts and just enjoy your movements.

The benefits are endless 

Pilates will increase muscle strength and tone without creating bulk. It will help increase the deep core muscles. It also improves your flexibility, balance and posture, which can decrease the chances of injuring yourself.

Anyone can do it

Whether you’re a pro athlete, just starting to exercise or somewhere in between, Pilates is an adaptable exercise and the foundations of focusing on body alignment and strengthening your core applies to everyone.All exercise can be adapted to fit any fitness level and ability. 

Boost your energy levels 

The feeling you get after a Pilates class is unlike that from other workouts. It's uplifting, lean, lengthened and strong. Exercise that's sustainable and enjoyable will always give the best results and Pilates is something you can incorporate several times a week without the risk of a burnout or over working your body.

There's so many different classed to choose from!

Mat Pilates- Done on the floor using an exercise mat, encouraging controlled breathing whilst working through body weight resisted movement to build core strength. It can also involve basic Pilates equipment such as a Pilates ring, resistance band, weighted balls and light dumbbells. 

Contemporary Pilates- Influenced by modern movement and physio rehabilitation techniques. There is a large focus on understanding anatomy and the reasons behind each movement. 

Classical Pilates- Closely follows the original Pilates system exactly the way it was taught by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. It follows a precise set of exercises in an order that must always be followed. 

Reformer Pilates- Much more intense and dynamic program designed to improve posture and build lean and toned muscles by targeting each muscle group through a series of slow and fast paced movements both on and off the reformer. Expect to sweat in this class!

Thank you!