Benefits of Bringing Your Friend's to Yoga

There are two people in this world. Those who think exercising with friends is the best thing ever and those who are lone wolves. We have to say that we’re part of the first camp and we think for very good reason. Whether you’re keen to try it or a little more hesitant, we share why we love having a yoga buddy in our corner.



When your alarm goes off at 5.30am for that 6am class, you’re going to want to press snooze. But we’ve all been stood up before and that’s a horrible feeling. So when you know your yoga companion is waiting for you at the studio, you’re going to get your a** out of bed and make it to the mat more often.

Good for the Soul

When you have someone who is going through the same experience as you (whatever that is) your bond deepens. Whether you were best friends when you starting going to yoga together or not, you’re going to find yourself getting close to this person as they support you and you support them. Having like-minded people around you who understand your struggles is so important for a happy and healthy life. Plus they’ve found that exercising with a friend actually produces more serotonin, literally making you both happier.


Bring out your Adventurous Side

Ever wanted to do acro yoga or aerial yoga but always been to shy? Having a consistent mate by your side is the best antidote to nerves. You can laugh, fall, and play your way through any new experience. It’s also going to encourage you to try new classes, workshops, and teachers. And that will help your practice grow and develop.

Healthy Competition 

While yoga is not about competition at all, we’re all human and having someone beside you will inevitably push you to go to your edge. You might find yourself trying new variations or completely new poses all together. Plus a great motivator is to set you and your buddy a challenge to hit the mat a certain amount of times a week. You’ll feel motivated to keep up with them.

Having someone to laugh with when you fall is so fun. And one of our favourite reasons to go to yoga with a friend. It makes it so enjoyable for everyone involved!

Thank you!