6 Reef Friendly Sun-creams

SPF 30, UVA protection,  Water-resistant. These are all words you probably know to look for when you're shopping for sun cream for your beach vacation or summer days out. But thanks to recent studies and new legislation, there's another necessary detail to add to your checklist: reef-safe.


A European study found that approximately 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in oceans each year. The highest concentrations were found near coral reefs that are most popular with tourists. This means the sun cream you put on before surfing, kayaking, or swimming in the ocean can wash off and remain in the ocean, causing serious damage to coral reefs and marine life.

Popular sun cream ingredient oxybenzone is directly linked to coral bleaching, the top cause of coral death worldwide. Oxybenzone and octinoxate are super-common ingredients found in more than 3,500 sun protection products, They also pop up in many moisturizers, primers, and foundations that contain SPF.

So next time you're doing your holiday prep make sure your products don't contain oxybenzone or state 'reef friendly' on the packaging. To get you started here are 6 reef friendly sun creams to recommend. 



1. Bare Republic Mineral Mousse SPF 30


2. Alba Botanica Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45


3. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SPF 30+


4. Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF 30


5. Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30


6. Ren Clean Screen Mineral SPF30


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