World Recycling Day

The 18th of March is a global event for celebrating and educating people on all things related to recycling. This year the theme of the event is recognising that the recycling industry is essential. Urgent action is needed from everyone to save the environment & preserve the world's most precious resources. So even the smallest effort to making the world a greener place to live in is crucial.


Why you should care about World Recycling Day

Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities have allowed our planets overall temperature to reach alarming heights. This has had a direct result, with increasing natural disasters worldwide in the past decade including floods, hurricanes and wildfires.


So what does all this mean to you? Well, we can all make this world, a nicer place to live if we change up our daily routines and consider the three Rs; reduce, reuse and recycle.


4 ways you can waste less and recycle more:

1. Consider shopping for second-hand clothing

The production of fast fashion clothing demands huge amounts of water and energy which gives off climate-warming carbon emissions. Instead of purchasing a new wardrobe for the upcoming summer, why not give that bombshell dress from 3 years ago some light of day, repair those jeans you used to adore or grab a bargain from vintage/second-hand websites such as Depop, eBay or vinted.

2. Recycle your food waste

When food ends up in landfill it produces climate-warming methane, many times worse than carbon dioxide in the short term. But, food waste can actually be recycled into sustainable energy. Check with your local council to explore where and how you can dispose of food waste or even start a compost in your back garden that can fuel your current house plant obsession.

3. Stop using those single-use plastics

Plastic is one of the most difficult things to recycle with there being so many different grades. So why not ditch your usual toothbrush purchase, the clingfilm you use to keep food fresh - and change up to a bamboo brush and beeswax wraps that breakdown far faster when disposed of. 

4. Train your brain to recycle

Make a point of educating yourself on what you use that can be recycled. Get in touch with your local authority to find out what collection services they offer. Plus, find out where and what you can bring to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Thank you!