Who Are We?


We are a small independent active-wear brand based on the North Norfolk Coast. We create active-wear that is multi-functioning, flattering and comfortable. 

Keeping Plastic out of Landfills and Our Ocean 

Our leggings are made from 80% recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfill and our oceans. We believe that up-cycling and recycling waste into products and tools that are useful, valuable and reusable could play a huge part in the clean-up and overall reduction of waste pollution going forward. Recycling may not save the planet, but when done in a considered way, it is one of many solutions we can utilise. It not only helps reduce consumption of new raw materials, it also helps reduce energy usage, as well as reducing air and water pollution from landfills and marine waste.

Slow, Considered and Never Over Produced 

We're a micro-business and aim to stay that way, consciously keeping our active-wear collection small, simple and at a much more sustainable pace that's kinder to the planet and the people that make them. This way of working allows us to focus on the individuality and longevity of each design and ensures that we never over-produce; an industry problem that's having dire affects on the environment in terms of waste. But this is only half of the story. Clothing longevity cannot be determined by quality alone, but also by how it's worn, washed and dried. This is why we encourage slow and considered purchases along with proper care.

Ethical Manufacturing in China

By keeping it small and simple, our supply chain is small too which means that we can better ensure that the people making our active-wear remain safe, happy and fairly paid. We do this with regular audits and by requiring certifications from the  supplier we work with. Our supplier take's necessary measures to avoid both environmental degradation and ensure a fair and safe working environment for all their workers. This includes; fair pay, no forced or bonded labour, no child labour or workers below the legal minimum age, decent working hours observed by law, no discrimination and equal opportunities.


Thank you!