Tips for Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Are you looking for easy ways to reduce your environmental impact? Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way. 


1. Reduce Food Waste

Many of us our guilty of not writing a list when we go food shopping, meaning we often end up doubling up on ingredients we already have and therefor waste them. Next time you go shopping do a meal plan for the week and write a list to avoid this happening. You can also eat your ends and stems. Are you still throwing the tops of the carrots and beets out? STOP IT. They are delicious!! Beet tops make a great chard substitute and carrot tops make a delicious pesto. Save your vegetable peels from onions, carrots, garlic, celery etc and make a delicious veggie stock. If you do end up with leftover food make sure you compost it rather than just throwing it in the bin. 


2. Re-think Your Transportation

Why not cycle to work instead of driving if you live close by. Create a 30 minute rule for yourself, if you destination is within 30 minutes from you why not cycle, walk or use public transport instead of using your car, not only will this reduce your carbon footprint but it will also save you some pennies!


3. Create an Efficient Home

Opt for LED lights in your home, or install solar panels to reduce the energy you consume. Wash your clothes in cold water or dry them out on the line rather than using a tumble dryer. 


4. Avoid Single Use Plastics

Buy yourself one of our stainless steel water bottles, not only will they keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours but they will also ensure you stop buying endless bottles of water! Most cafes/restaurants will even fill it up for free or offer you a small discount for bringing your own bottle. Say no to straws, straws are one of biggest problems for our oceans, not only are they killing our marine life but they are ruining beaches across the world. Head to your local greengrocers/farmers market and opt for fruit and vegetables without all the plastic packaging!. 


5. Re-think Your Meals

Why not try and lower your meat intake and take part in 'meat-free Mondays' eating a more plant based diet is a great way to help the environment. Buy local, opt for local produce that is in season rather than products shipped in from other countries covered in plastic packaging, often the in-season produce is much more tasty anyway!


6. Shop Conscious

Support smaller businesses who are ethically conscious and environmentally focused (Like us!) Use your clothing more than once, the way fashion is at the moment many people wear things once and then throw them away! Why not head to your local charity shop or start a clothes swap with local people or a group of friends. Stop impulse buying, wait a while and ask yourself if you really need it and will you wear it! 


Thank you!