The Best Workouts to Reduce Stress

It may not come as a surprise to hear that there’s a connection between exercising and feeling happier. But did you know some workouts are especially good for reducing stress and anxiety?



If you’re a fan of slow-and-steady workouts, you might want to sprinkle in a few more intense bouts of activity. Research shows high-intensity weight training and aerobic exercise is more effective than lower intensity workouts at improving depression.



Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling can help keep mood high afterwards, even if you are exposed to an anxiety trigger. So why not bike to and from work or head to your local spin class to pedal away any pressures.



Studies show that yoga can reduce depression symptoms as well as anxiety. It might be due to either increased mindfulness or that people who practice yoga are better able to regulate their autonomic nervous system, which is associated with both depression and anxiety. 

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