Sublimation Printing- What is it and Why do we use it?

When transferring our statement prints onto our activewear, we can use different methods like screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation or digital printing. We favour sublimation as this allows for smaller production runs along with being kinder to the environment.

But what exactly is sublimation? Sublimation is method of printing that transfers a design onto a fabric using ink and heat.

To start, the design is printed onto paper using a special ink. When heated, the ink coverts to a gas and binds to the fabric (almost like a tattoo). This printing process means patterns are less prone to fading, cracking or peeling, as the print is embedded into the fabric rather than sitting on the top of the fabric.

This quick and effective method is growing in popularity for smaller orders and designs that have more details to them. Sublimation printing is also known as ‘all over printing’ as it allows you to create a design that can literally go from seam to seam.

When using sublimation, there is also less wastage as the patterns for the garments can be printed straight onto the fabric reading for cutting. Oh and the process doesn’t use any water as the fabric doesn’t need to be rinsed like other methods, reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Thank you!