How to Sneak Extra Exercise into your Workday

With many of us working nine-to-five office jobs, it can leave us with very little time for exercise. Either missing your favourite workout class while stuck in traffic or trying to squeeze in a quick run before the sun goes down, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

A review published in the British Medical Journal suggested that sitting for long periods of time each day could be the cause of 5000 UK deaths every year. So, there’s only one way to combat this problem. Get up and get moving.


Take regular active breaks

Do you know the break policy in your office? If not maybe its time to find out. Taking regular 5-minute breaks can boost your health and productivity, after all staring at a screen all day can become very tiring. Do some stretches while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or take the long way downstairs instead of taking the elevator.

Quit sending pointless emails

Do you need to contact one of your employees who is in a different department? Why not go and visit them instead of firing of emails back and forth? Not only will you probably solve any issues sooner, you can also build good work relationships and get out of your seat and stretch your legs.  Win all round.

Stand while you work

Standing desks have grown in popularity in recent years. It is thought that standing while working maintains your productivity levels and also stops you from feeling tired. Plus, it’s a great way to stretch your back and prevent you from getting a stiff neck from hunching over your desk al day. Of course, in a traditional office environment a standing desk may not be an option to you but speak your manager and you may be surprised.

Work your Abs

We aren’t talking about sit ups here but working on your abs on the DL is easier than you may think. While you’re sending emails set a timer on your computer, sit up straight and see how many times you can tense your core in 5 minutes or so. This is great for improving your posture and best of all no one even knows your doing it! So, no need to worry about funny stares from your colleague next door.


Becoming more active during your work day may be easier than you think, why not speak to your manager, after all a healthy workforce makes a healthy business so it’s a win all round in our book.

Thank you!