Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Halloween is one of the most shopped for holidays. There's a lot of decor and a lot of shoddily made costumes that are bought and discarded after one use. Here are some way's to make your spooky celebrations a little more eco-friendly. 


1. Choose Reusable's

If you're hosting a spooky party this Halloween why not opt for reusable cups/plates/cutlery instead of plastic ones that will likely be thrown away after each drink. 

2. Make your own decorations

Opt for natural spooky decorations instead of going out and buying a whole bunch of "spooky" plastic stuff for your home, that will likely be thrown away opt for homemade props that you can get out year after year. Not only is this more sustainable it also saves you a tonne of cash!

3. Make your own costume

Instead of going out and buying a new costume why not hunt through your wardrobe or family members wardrobe. Any old clothes that you no longer wear try cutting up or painting to create something new! There's lot's of things you can make out of old cardboard boxes and visits to your local charity shop! Alternatively invest in one great costume that can be used for other events such as a 20's flapper girl, not only can you use this for Halloween but everyone loves a 20's themed party right!



Thank you!