Bathroom Recycling


We've all got recycling bins in our kitchen, but have you got one in your bathroom?

The majority of beauty products come packaged in plastic (an average pot containing moisturiser can take over 1000 years to break down) plastic wrapping, cardboard and countless other materials.

We’ve all got our recycling bins in our kitchens but do you have one in your bathroom? Recent research has found that over 56% of us don’t recycle bathroom product packaging, most of it goes into landfill.

In a one week beach cleanup in September 2018 organised by The Marine Conservation Society 10,490 cotton buds, 5917 wet wipes and 580 tampon applicators, were collected.

What and how can you recycle?

- Put an extra bin in your bathroom for packaging that you know can be recycled. Shampoo and conditioner and shower gel bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, bathroom cleaner and bleach bottles (take out all pump dispensers), deodorants and shaving foam.

- Buy eco friendly Bamboo Cotton buds, toothbrushes and use Compostable Wipes such as Yes or Beauty Kitchen.

- Buy products from companies that use less packaging such as Lush, Neal’s Yard and offer free recycling. Sign up to a terracycle scheme at

- Get yourself a suction soap dish and use solid soap in the shower.

- Visit your local packaging-free shops where you can refill your own containers. Go to and see a full list of zero waste shops and projects across the UK.


Thank you!